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  • 20th October
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Sheepskin Rugs

What’s in her bag and what’s in her closet features are among my favorite magazine stories ever. Which is why the Coveteur rocks so much. In addition to getting a pretty and well-styled look into some of the best closets in the land (Aside: How about those images of la Zoe’s shoes!? And SB’s palest of pale sage green Birkin!!?), the site also gives a glimpse at the stylish homes. Recently, I’ve been noticing the plethora of sheepskin rugs that are artfully tossed about the apartments of these glam gals. Personally, I’d love to have one as a throw-slash-comfy maker on that Eames-esque rocker I’ve been yard saling after. Luckily for my wallet there are adequate versions of the furriness at Ikea. image
Now, all I need is a fabulous closet to show off.
Oh, and have you noticed how many of the women featured have have dog statues?

[photos from The Coveteur and Ikea]