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  • 13th January
  • 13

What the Dickens!

StrangeBeautiful, the superbly saturated nail lacquer company, has recently packaged 10—yes that’s right diez!—black polishes into what has been called a Dickensian set. Available at Treasure & Bond, the volume (as it is being referred to formally) takes its color inspiration from the gritty novels of good old Charles and the tales of the brothers Grimm. I like the idea of layering the silvery blacks for a less “please sir, can I have some more” effect.

[photo from StangeBeautiful]

  • 21st October
  • 21

Miss Piggy’s Beauty Bonanza

It’s no secret that Miss Piggy has been having a fashion moment. Yes, that Miss Piggy. She strutted in Opening Ceremony for FNO, shot an editorial for InStyle and will make an appearance as a judge on that fashion reality show with avec Klum. But the pig in couture clothing is also making a mayjah splash in the beauty world. She’s got a few prods. coming out in a few weeks for M.A.C (that’s the advert shot above). And she has also inspired a bunch of polishes for the paraben-free OPI brand. According to the beauty blogs, the line isn’t due to hit the shelves until later next month, but I spied the lacquers at a local nail salon this morning. The 12 limited edition shades a fun nod to all things Muppets with great names like Wocka Wocka and Meep-Mee-Meep. But the best part is that they are all super shimmery and saturated. I especially love Divine Swine a sparkled wine tone that will look perfect on short, sqouval nails.

P.S. Did you know that Miss Piggy’s first name is Lorelei?

[photos form M.A.C. and OPI]