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  • 13th January
  • 13

What the Dickens!

StrangeBeautiful, the superbly saturated nail lacquer company, has recently packaged 10—yes that’s right diez!—black polishes into what has been called a Dickensian set. Available at Treasure & Bond, the volume (as it is being referred to formally) takes its color inspiration from the gritty novels of good old Charles and the tales of the brothers Grimm. I like the idea of layering the silvery blacks for a less “please sir, can I have some more” effect.

[photo from StangeBeautiful]

  • 6th January
  • 06

The Ace Hotel Nail Kit

Look at what we have here a trifecta of Surfer Rosa loves—travel, beauty and interior design. I mean it must be reyes. How else can we explain the pressie of all things I get excited for? The Ace Hotel teamed up with Uslu Airlines to release this industrial gray polish that’s being sold along with some nail primping tools. Statements on the color say it reflects the design of the NYC hotel. Having only been to the public spaces, I can’t confirm or deny, but I will say that I love the Breslin—and I don’t even eat meat! But none of that matters really, because what this is, my friends, is the best looking non-black neutral polish I’ve seen in a while. And golly knows, I can always use another emery board. The kit is available at the hotel’s online shop.

  • 21st October
  • 21

Miss Piggy’s Beauty Bonanza

It’s no secret that Miss Piggy has been having a fashion moment. Yes, that Miss Piggy. She strutted in Opening Ceremony for FNO, shot an editorial for InStyle and will make an appearance as a judge on that fashion reality show with avec Klum. But the pig in couture clothing is also making a mayjah splash in the beauty world. She’s got a few prods. coming out in a few weeks for M.A.C (that’s the advert shot above). And she has also inspired a bunch of polishes for the paraben-free OPI brand. According to the beauty blogs, the line isn’t due to hit the shelves until later next month, but I spied the lacquers at a local nail salon this morning. The 12 limited edition shades a fun nod to all things Muppets with great names like Wocka Wocka and Meep-Mee-Meep. But the best part is that they are all super shimmery and saturated. I especially love Divine Swine a sparkled wine tone that will look perfect on short, sqouval nails.

P.S. Did you know that Miss Piggy’s first name is Lorelei?

[photos form M.A.C. and OPI]

  • 2nd March
  • 02

Need. Want. Now.

In some ways I’m happy that I was disappointed in the J. Crew goes to Hollywood catalog. It’s a much better situation for my wallet. But these  Avenelle cutout wedges are a total must-have standout. They will look fantastic with slightly distressed jeans with a bit of a cuff (which b-t-dubs I also don’t own). On top: That Madewell peacoat and a white tank with loads of necklaces. It’s the perfect look for a jaunty Saturday afternoon walk in Prospect Park avec soy lattes with Husband. I think they’ll also pair amazingly well with my colorful summer dresses. I can just see myself strolling along the cobblestones of Old Ibiza Town when we visit this August. And I’ll be flashing a wide smile as we enjoy a paella on the beach, knowing that I’ve got these on my feet. Of course, I’ve got my pedicure color all picked out too. The discontinued Essie Bermuda Shorts. Which of course may put a damper on my outfit plans…