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  • 2nd March
  • 02

Ole! Flamenca Lips.

My quest for the perfect pink lip lacquer is temporarily being put on hold. I’m attending the flamenco festival tonight in NYC and I feel the perfect red lip accompanies the duende (spirit of the art of flamenco) as the most inspired accessory. Tonight I’ll be sporting a deep, saturated formula that is influenced by the colors of the corrida (bull fight) and roses for La Virgin. Since true red is a glamorous gal’s staple some of my favorite makeup brands have just the right shade and stay-put technology. And, perhaps more importantly, all of them are aptly called Flamenco.
Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick #58 Flamenco
Christian Dior Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick #754 Flamenco Redimage
Josie Maran Cosmetics Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain in Flamencoimage
NARS Flamenco

[photos from Temptailia, Martha Stewart and Polyvore]

  • 4th November
  • 04

Hot Lips

The other night I had a dream I was in a big meeting. And when I say ‘big’ I mean capital B I G. I was pretty confident it was going well. I think I liked my power outfit. And then the person I was meeting with (mind you, this was a dream), mentioned that people don’t like me because I don’t wear lipstick. Now, any one who knows me can tell you that I’m a gloss girl all the way. I love the texture, goopiness and shine that a pretty gloss imparts on a kisser. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate lipstick, it just that I think I’m afraid of committing to super-saturated colors (unless they are on scarves). I truly wish I slick on a powerful and punchy color a-la nude self picture taker above on this month’s Vanity Fair. I’m just not so sure what shade would look best. Got any suggestions? Mwah!