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  • 14th February
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Happy V-day. I woke up this morning all ready to show my love.  I was really hoping that somehow my closet would have sprouted a polka-hearty top in black or gray, of course, that I could pair with my rocking og brassy heart earrings from Bing Bang. But alas, all I’ve got to go with those hearts on my ears are some other pieces from Anna Sheffield’s earlier days. I’m swimming in her creations and wishing I had discovered some of these items a little earlier… I mean, how cute is that hoodie? Those elbow patches are killing me! And I don’t need to tell anyone that knows me, my weakness for all things Comme and Crew. Maybe next year… (hint, hint, ahem someone named Husband.)

[photos from ASOS J.Crew Revolve Clothing Franklin Marshall Bing Bang]

  • 11th January
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Envelope Clutches!
A dear friend is headed to LA for the parties this weekend celebrating the Golden Globes. Since the only red carpet reporting I ever do is from resort openings (and then it’s strictly D list and below), I’m l i v i n g vicariously through her trip to awesometown. The first step, of course, is picking the right outfit. She did that with the help of her coworkers “fashion show at lunch” style and now she’s on to the accessories. I, like everyone in the free world these days, can’t get enough of the envelope clutches the kids are sporting. I love the (please forever forgive me for using this phrase) pop of color and the ladylike structure. I also live for the fact that you can fit way more than a tube of gloss and a lonely id in there. I mean a girl has got to live tweet!

[photos from Tory Burch, asos, Elaine Turner, Intermix, American Apparel]

  • 19th December
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Question of the week: Do I need these? Rational thought: No. It is cold out and my feet need to be insulated by some warm and utilitarian No. 6 clog boots.Regular thought: These are pretty much the go-with-everything shoe and a lady can’t live without a slip-on piece of furry goodness. And they are totally on sale!
[photo from asos]

Question of the week: Do I need these?
Rational thought: No. It is cold out and my feet need to be insulated by some warm and utilitarian No. 6 clog boots.
Regular thought: These are pretty much the go-with-everything shoe and a lady can’t live without a slip-on piece of furry goodness. And they are totally on sale!

[photo from asos]

  • 10th November
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I may have scored the flats, but I’ve yet to locate the perfect leopard scarf. You know, one that is just spotty enough and double the width of my body and cozy but not fluffy. Vuitton made one a thousand years ago, but now I’m finding myself out of luck. Instead I found this little gem. It’s perfect for housing my dearly warn blue book of stamps. I wonder how the folks at homeland security would ask me where I’ve been and why I’ve been upon my furnishing of this little lady…

[photos from ASOS]


  • 24th August
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Countdown to Ibiza: Summer scarves.
I’ve been sporting the summer scarf since Nicole was a sidekick and Kim was a shopper for Brandy. There’s something about wrapping a piece of pretty material around my neck that makes me happy. The scarf goes well with anything from a cardigan and woven shirt to a tank (my staple) and a vintage-inspired swimsuit. In prep for my sailing adventure around Ibiza and her out islands next week (can you tell I’m excited!?), I’ve done some scooping around the interweb for some to add to my enormous collection of wraps of all sizes. These are some of my favorites. A few I already own, some I’m just admiring and a couple I may have sneaked past Husband while he was glued to his computer…

[photos from ASOS, Paperlime, J.Crew, Intermix]

  • 23rd June
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Garden Party

We’ve already covered the fact that I semi-live for wedding season. Each year I get a new little outfit to spin around the dance floor, sip champs and cheer on the couple. This season’s fetes are laid-back affairs with one taking place in the cozy, beachside backyard of the groom’s parents. And another is set in a flower garden. This kimono style number from my-can’t-stop-shopping-from-go-to ASOS is breezy like the settings. And the lengthen is parent-meeting appropriate. I’ll pair with my sky-high wooden Mui Mui wedges that I scored at some random sale a thousand years ago and are now what the parents call “in”.

[photo from ASOS]

  • 27th May
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I Just Can’t Quit Cardis

I’m headed to the Cape this weekend for the annual kick-off for summah. It isn’t really ever warm enough to do actual summer things, but it is just nice to be so close to the sea and yard sale like it’s my job. Last year I scored a classic, signed (in bold) Eames chair for less than 40 bucks. In the evenings, we hang out on the deck at the club looking at the expansive marshlands. In order to keep from getting chill, I’ll need a heavy guage sweater that also looks toward summer. This little number I found on ASOS fits the bill the the T. The belt gives it a jacket-y feel, while the colors and sleeve length are all about the sunnyside of the year. Wish me luck on the yard sales scores! 

  • 20th April
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Need. Want. Now.


Surprisingly, lately I haven’t been lusting over a thousand and one inanimate objects that will cause my closet to burst even further. I blame all the air miles I’ve been racking on my loss of serious shopping focus. I also blame the unprecedented onslaught of spring allergies. So I’m thanking goodness for my new favorite site, ASOS for this week’s installment of must-having-ness. This double-breasted cardigan piece of loveliness has all the requisites for lust—stripes, golden buttons and a slouchy fit. It’s the prefect throw-it-on with jeans when it gets cool at the rooftop BBQ. Won’t it look simply divine with Toms, Converses or sandals? And I can totally imagine myself watching the sunset, walking though the low-tide salt flats and prepping the bonfire at our favorite Brewster beach in August. Oh, and I haven’t mentioned the best part of this cardi-piece of brilliance—Look at those elbow patches! Love. image

[photos from ASOS.]

  • 1st April
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Baseball Season! (or, yeah, I’m trying not to whine about the weather)

It’s officially baseball season, which means no more tights and no more parkas—at lest in theory. And with the advent of all the bats and balls comes new colorful items in our closet! It seems like every.single.fash. expert is singing the praises of this spring season’s maxi skirt. And if it is anything like this look from asos you got me at hello. I love the effortless vibe, the I-don’t-care-about-my-hair hair, the punch of color—red, like my Sox!—and, of course, the overaccessorizing. I wish I could pack it immeds for my cruise to the Bahamas next week. Did I also mention that this entire ensemble would look simply fantastqiue with my new globe bobble.

[photo by asos]