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  • 8th February
  • 08

Paris Versus New York

As with living in NYC, I go through phases with Paris. Sometimes I think it is so overly lauded and other times I want to move there. Thanks to my quickie weekend trip last year at this time, I’m fully in the latter camp these days. Paris, even when gray, has a certain allure that February in NYC just doesn’t have. So it would seem fitting that during my daydreams and realistic quests for how-in-the-heck-are-we-going-to-live-in-Paris-when-we-haven’t-the-slightest-skillz-at-parlez le français research, I’d see this the interwebs going crazy for Paris Versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities, a new book of 100 city images by artist Vahram Muratyan.
The simplicity of the images are impactful, artful and—hey, guess what—sort of true.
imageAlthough, some super fashiony people may take umbrage with the Superheros one, as it features Karl V MJ, who actually spends most of the year living and working in Paris. JS.
Of course, the travel writer in me adores the CDG V JFK print. I’d love to frame it over that bar cart I’m going to get, someday.

[images from Amazon and Anthropolgie}

  • 21st April
  • 21

Take a Seat

How adorable are these embellished folding chairs from Anthropologie? I love the one-of-a-kind feeling that the embroidered cushions impart. And what NYC girl doesn’t appreciate pieces of furniture that are also space savers. If cash wasn’t an issue, I’d stock up on 6 of these pretty seats and pull them out for garden parties and last-minute pizza-ordering gatherings with friends and their little families.

[Photos from Anthropolgie.]