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  • 19th July
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Daydream Destinations: The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu

True story: Every year New Year I make two resolutions. One is generally something I know I can accomplish like getting more pages in my passport or switching off the computer by 10pm so I can actually experience REM sleep when I decide to turn in. The other yearly promise to improve myself is to participate in a healthy retreat. That one, my friends seems to be the one I can never find the time to accomplish.
The fantabulous Ranch at Live Oak Malibu seems like just the place for me to escape, recharge, renew and finally tick that wellness vacation off my to-do list. 
I mean look at that pool area, don’t you want to sign up too? We can go together!
The week-long program features hiking, stretching, yoga-ing and loads of detoxing (but not in that we only drink greens kind of way, I swear). Food is pure, simple and capped at 1,500 calories, which is probably what I consume in coffee with soy alone, daily. Oh and there’s no caffeine or booze allowed. I’m totally convinced that if I spent a week there, I’d get my body, mind and spirit in shape that I haven’t seen since before the towers fell. Oh and if I sleep better at night that would just be the bees knees…

But the real reason why I’m dreaming about the Ranch and not some strip-downed ashram is because even while I’m breaking bad habits I like to feel a bit pampered with massages and fancy sheets.

[photos from The Ranch at Live Oak]

  • 5th July
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Daydream Destinations: Chatham Bars Inn

I maybe cheating a bit on DD since I literally just pulled in from two back-to-back extended weekends on Cape Cod, but it’s all I can dream about. To make it a little more travel editory dreamy, I’m choosing to spend some time at the sprawling oceanfront Chatham Bars Inn, or CBI as we locals call it. I’d love to be sitting on the wide porch of the historic inn overlooking the cottages, beach club and Atlantic.

I’d also wicked like to stroll down the wide beach looking out for seals.

Oooh, and I can’t forget a lemonade at the Beach House.

Of course if Husband is avec moi, he’ll want to head down the street to the Fish Pier for some piping hot chowdah, but I’d be just as content to stay in one of the fabulous, golf-course view spa suites, which feature a sauna, fireplace, steam shower and waterfall tub in every room.

[photos from Chatham Bars Inn.]

  • 28th June
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  • 21st June
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Daydream Destinations: Dunton Springs

Have I mentioned that I’m about as outdoorsy as the Empire State Building? I like the idea of being outside, but at the end of the day, there I stand unlike anything around me, all mod and sparkly. Which is why so many of my Daydream Destination picks are all about being sort of outside but still getting seriously pampered. The fabulous Dunton Springs in Colorado is no exception. The rugged, yet posh hideaway is actually a renovated former ghost town complete with a saloon, spa, 12 personal cottages and a chapel. Hello, adorbs destination wedding spot! Oh and did I mention the private winery? Yep, this place is one that I’d like to set up camp. Maybe I’ll go in the fall and try some kayaking, walking around the in the glorious surrounding natural setting and, you know, rewarding myself afterward with a soak in the “town’s” natural hot springs. Maybe I am a little outdoorsy after all…

[Photos from Dunton Springs]

  • 14th June
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  • 17th May
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Daydream Destinations: Cap D’Ali

Last month’s royal wedding has placed the ever gorgeous Grace Kelly at the forefront of everyone’s radar. Her classic glamour and enduring graciousness has always made her a favorite style icon of mine (and let’s face it, everyone else in the free world). But I honestly think that it’s the fact that she got to live in the unbeatabley beautiful Kingdom of Monaco that made me admire her so much. As it happens last week, I fielded a request to further investigate an impeccable private villa set on a hill over looking the marina.
Now, I’m picturing myself sipping mimosas and rose (not at the same time) by the private pool.

Then I’m going to get toasty with one of the heated towels from the ultra-fab bathroom, which, of course, is one of many.

Before retiring to my princess room.

  • 3rd May
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Daydream Destinations: Amangani

Last week I attended a screening for documentary shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was invited by the fabulously luxurious Aman Resorts, which had one of the India properties featured in a film. It was an inspiring afternoon that made me think a lot of people, travel and the impact we all have on the globe. It also got me itching to go to the one of the US Aman properties. Located by the Grand Tetons, Amangani has all of the marquee Aman amenities—an Asian-inspired spa, peaceful accomodations, impeccable service and the utmost staff discretion. Like its surroundings, the resort offers four seasons of adventures ranging from skiing and dog-sledding in the winter months to fly fishing and hot air ballooning when it is warmer. Usually, I like a beach vacation, but I’m thinking this may be next on my punch list with Husband. For our anni in June, perhaps?

[Photos from Amangani]

  • 19th April
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Daydream Destinations: Surf Goddess Retreat, Bali

I’ve got Bali maj on the brain lately. Maybe it is because one of my friends is on a private EPL adventure for a few months on the Indonesian island. And another friend recently tempted me into touring Bali in the fall. (Details on that adventure are still developing.) And while I’m excited to tour temples, lounge on the beach and test out all of those amazing Balinese spas, the adventure that’s really calling my name is a week at the all-women surf camp called Surf Goddess. I attended a surf camp in Mainland Mexico a few years ago to honor a big birthday and it totally changed my life. And now that I’ve got a board, wet suit and all the accoutrement one needs to ride waves, I’m in need of some brush-up tips on form. Taking a week at this laid-back retreat will get my pop-up back in form and my turning moving forward. They provide all the gear, along with yoga classes, yum-o, island fresh meals and my time-away-must have: massages, all in the gorgeous jungle-ringed beaches of Bali. Charge it!

[That’s me in Maui.]

  • 12th April
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Daydream Destinations: AndBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

My first and only ever summer vacation plans have gloriously imploded. And now it’s time for my visions of yachting around the Mediterranean to fade and introduce a new daydream. This week I’m leaning toward something completely different—a desert lodge in Namibia. I wanted to visit the red sand duned country for our honeymoon since the landscape is so foreign and different from any other I’ve ever experienced. Due to some transportation issues, we chose to skip it, but I’m circling back for another look. This cozy lodge by my friends at AndBeyond offers mod, luxe accommodations in a national Namibian park. Activities include game drives, dune walks, dune buggy excursions and stargazing under the vast African sky. But the thing that is selling me, is the image above. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a flavorful meal in that unbelievable landscape?

[photos from AndBeyond]