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  • 11th January
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Envelope Clutches!
A dear friend is headed to LA for the parties this weekend celebrating the Golden Globes. Since the only red carpet reporting I ever do is from resort openings (and then it’s strictly D list and below), I’m l i v i n g vicariously through her trip to awesometown. The first step, of course, is picking the right outfit. She did that with the help of her coworkers “fashion show at lunch” style and now she’s on to the accessories. I, like everyone in the free world these days, can’t get enough of the envelope clutches the kids are sporting. I love the (please forever forgive me for using this phrase) pop of color and the ladylike structure. I also live for the fact that you can fit way more than a tube of gloss and a lonely id in there. I mean a girl has got to live tweet!

[photos from Tory Burch, asos, Elaine Turner, Intermix, American Apparel]

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