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  • 3rd November
  • 03

Unlike style bloggers, I never rearrange really my apartment. I think I’d like to, but I blame the fact that the homes I’ve inhabited for the past 12 years aren’t all that conducive to moving furniture and stuff around. I do, however, introduce pieces when I become so enamored with them that I just simply think my life with be improved with them. (Yes, material things make me happy.) These days, I think a vintage bar cart may be just that piece. I’ve been trolling the Flea for a metal one that doesn’t look too heavy or too rusted. Although. sometimes I think a sleek Danish-style rolley-bar deal would be more versatile. In any case, I hope (ans sort of know) once I find the right one—it will shout out to me. 

[photos from Apartment Therapy]

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